Flexible rubber hoses for industry

קטגוריה מרלט

Flexible pipes, rubber and PVC  from different diameters and a variety of sizes. They can be used to transfer materials, fluids, pumps, chemicals, food, fuel and lubricants, concrete pump, garden hose for watering and more. Tubes made of various materials suitable for use in all different type according to customer requirements. The hoses are sold from one meter lengths. Typically, hoses composed of internal matter, external and additional material used to strengthen to prevent erosion, maintain the shape of the pipe and sometimes also for flexibility. Each corresponding hose have it’s specific temperature and pressure suitable job. All our hoses come with the required standards and the best quality

צינור גז

Rubber Gas Hose 

צינור על למזון

Food And Liquid Hose 

צינור גקוזי

Jacuzzi Hose


Polyurethane Hose LD Copper Spiral


Polyurethane Hose HD Copper Spiral


Thermoflex Hose

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