pooling water emergancy solution


Pooling water system’s development firm “Babigum 7” together with quwater .According to the reference scenario defined by the Water Authority “damage to the water system resulting from hostile or other glitches that cause disruptions in the supply of water to the residents A. based on containers that are flexible and folding.   scattered points  deployment relatively easy .  B. The products are characterized by the consumption of small storage areas, are simple to operate, minimum maintenance during storage / practice. C. can be used immediately as it opened, without the usual purification process collecting tanks that are used today. D. In addition the product can be Reused after that it was used and can be in long term storage easy. Easy mobility. The uniqueness of the company’s products, manufacturing factories in Israel issues ISO 9002, and meet the standards of ground organizations, as well as the approval of the water authority. Meet the standard tank: ASTMG- 154, UVA. Accessories and flexible hoses and quick connectors without the need for screw. and certified for use in drinking water.

in this demostreted picture we see a 2 cubic system. layout made easy by a maximum of 2 people . and it is ready for water distribution to citizens independent  without much interference of various factors .advantage of this small system is its option to fold into the trunk of a car.

the distribution of water is performed using pre-made bags that are alredy purified, the quantity of every bag is 4 liters. also there is an emergency system for homes or organizations of 200 liters

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